Magical Writing for Theatre

Write intuitively and truthfully.

Taking inspiration from occult writers and artists, you’ll learn a variety of magical practices like divination and ritual that will help you access your unconscious and bypass writer’s block, then apply these practices specifically to scene, character, and plot development.

Come with a project in mind or open to brand new ideas — you’ll find inspiration either way!

2-hour workshop conducted via Zoom

15 June Workshop: All proceeds will be donated to The Movement for Black Lives

“Alyssa opened a new world for me and gave me practices I now incorporate in every writing session. I could not recommend these workshops more.”

— Molly Murray
Author of Today, She Is (Wipf & Stock, 2014), Outdoor Editor of Panorama: the Journal of Intelligent Travel, 2019 Pushcart Prize nominee

Let’s make some magic

If you’re unable to donate for any reason but would still like to attend, please just drop your name and email below and you’ll be on the class list. All are welcome!