Lead With Love

Welcome, listeners of the Lead With Love series!

I’m so glad you’re here, and am happy to offer you this special savings for my one-of-a-kind Intro to Magical Writing course.

For listeners of the Lead With Love series, this course is available until July 30th for only $47 (normally $157).

Just some of what you’ll be receiving in this five-part video series:

  • Self-Paced Instructions & Repeatable Workshops
  • Creative Meditations & Mini “Feminist History” Lessons
  • New Tools to Defeat Writer’s Block
  • Prompts for Your Own Original Writing
  • Deeper Sense of Your Intuition and Creativity

Explore the badass feminist history of magical writing and use the very same techniques they did to write intuitively and truthfully.

We’ll take inspiration from occult writers and artists, and learn divination, ritual, and other mystical practices that you can use at any time to tap into your innate creativity.

This course was informative, grounding, soul-expanding, and so much fun! Alyssa has the beautiful ability to bring you further and deeper into your body while opening your creativity.

— Hannah Vinchur

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