However you got here, synchronicity or recommendation from a soul friend or a cool Universe-energy-coincidence, get excited — because it means you’re ready for real, big, inspiring change.

And that’s how the real magic happens.

Each session or package is customized to you, drawing on my experience in tarot, magic, meditation and mindfulness, NLP, hypnotherapy, therapeutic art and music, yoga, ayurveda, Reiki, death companioning, and voicework.

Check out the offers below to see which one is right for you:


Sessions scheduled weekly or every two weeks

Phoenix Package

Feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or just tired of living life by default? Yeah, no more of that shit. This is a new beginning. We’ll dig into all the fun stuff, getting real friendly with your own power and creativity, and dreaming outlandishly big about what your life could be — then taking real, inspired action to make it happen.

You’ll find clarity, connect with your intuition, and start building the life that will truly make you happy.

(Leaving or left a high-demand religion? This is where you’ll wanna start.)

10 one-hour sessions ($897)
Payment plan available

Breakthrough Package

Got one specific thing to work through? This is the perfect package for identifying the next step in a career or relationship. We’ll go deep but not broad, focusing on a single block and working together toward a breakthrough and a follow-up plan.

5 one-hour sessions ($475)


Ongoing Coaching
If after completing a package, you feel like you’d like ongoing support, we will create a custom ongoing plan for you, anywhere from weekly to every other month. We will continue working with specific goals so you get tangible results!

Because this is a custom plan, price varies


Check-In Sesh
Completed one of the packages a few months ago and need a jumpstart to get back on track? We’ll review what we worked on and do some refresher work to get you past blocks that have popped up.

1 two-hour session ($175)


Coming Fall 2020

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